Deep Cleaning

Industrial cleaning

Since health and safety is one of most important aspect of industrial operation, our company provides you with the best cleaning services without compromising on the international standards of the business. Our services cover major industries in Dubai including iron and steel factories, warehouse cleaning, high-pressure cleaning, tank cleaning and equipment room cleaning.

Our deep cleaning process includes,

  1. Cleaning and sanitization of all rooms including the maid room and driver’s room.
  2. Complete cleaning of kitchen, cabinets, drawers and dining room.
  3. Cleaning and polishing balcony, stair and railings
  4. Bathroom cleaning and disinfection
  5. Emptying and cleaning storerooms
  6. Prayer room and majlis cleaning
  7. Cleaning switch boards, door handles and other built-in cabinets
  8. Cleaning of windows and balcony
  9. Complete cleaning of other general areas
  10. Cleaning of roofs and other corners of the hall

Villa & Apartment

Give your villa or apartment a refreshing and new look by our professional cleaning services. Our deep cleaning diers from the normal cleaning as we use special cleaning equipment that doesn’t leave any space uncleaned.

Move In & Move Out

Whenever you are ready to move into a new apartment or villa, just keep in mind that our services are always at your disposal. Our team will always ensure that your old house looks as fresh and clean just like the good old days.


Whether you are a running a restaurant or a food store, cleanliness is your topmost priority. Our main focus is on the unreachable points in the restaurants that your normal janitorial sta cannot clean.


Steam cleaning helps in removing unwanted marks and resilient stains that appears even after a normal cleaning process.

Sofa and carpet shampooing

We offer healthy living solutions for your home when it comes to cleaning of sofa and carpets. We use latest cutting-edge technologies and high-end products that helps you to restore the color and remove unwanted odour and stain from your carpets and couches.